"Mizero" Artwork Claude Nizeyimana "Mizero" Artwork Claude Nizeyimana "Mizero" Artwork Claude Nizeyimana

Claude Nizeyimana



This piece draws its inspiration from the Rwandan tradition of Amasunzu, a intricate historical hairstyle. 

Within the tapestry of Rwandan society, Amasunzu transcended mere aesthetics; for men, it became a portal to their societal status, a cryptic language of identity. Those who eschewed Amasunzu were regarded with suspicion, their bare scalps echoing an unspoken estrangement that persisted well into the 20th century.

In a symphony of tradition and transformation, unmarried women, too, embraced Amasunzu at the tender age of 18-20, making it a symbol of their journey into adulthood.

This piece masterfully captures the essence of this rich cultural legacy, where art and history entwine. It weaves the threads of Amasunzu's heritage with contemporary artistry, crafting a captivating masterpiece that beckons contemplation and reverence.

Year: 2023

Medium: Wood and copper metal 

Dimensions: 66cm x 15cm 

All artworks are original and come with a Certificate of Authentication.

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