"Rungano" Artwork Claude Nizeyimana "Rungano" Artwork Claude Nizeyimana

Claude Nizeyimana



In this piece, much like "Mizero," Nizeyimana draws inspiration from the  beauty of historically iconic African hairstyles. Notably, the Bantu knots, which trace their origins back to the Zulu (Nguni) tribes of Southern Africa.

Within Rungano, the essence of this journey gracefully unfolds, seamlessly weaving artistic expression with profound cultural significance. This piece pays heartfelt homage to the  beauty of Black hairstyle heritage. It serves as a reflective canvas, capturing the intricacies of its representation in the modern world, all the while inviting sparking meaningful dialogue.

Year: 2023

Medium: Wood and copper metal 

Dimensions: 60cm x 18cm 


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