Claude Nizeyimana

Claude Nizeyimana is a Rwandan artist whose journey encompasses the mediums of sculpture, set design, and ceramics. 

Formally trained at Nyundo School of Arts, Nizeyimana specializes in the intricacies of wood and metal craftsmanship. Drawing inspiration from the tapestry of his life experiences, he weaves elements of surrealism into his works, imbuing them with a unique and captivating allure.

Throughout his career, he has engaged in remarkable collaborations with accomplished artists, leaving an indelible mark on extraordinary projects. Notably, the set design of productions such as "Neptune Frost" and " Moshions Imandwa SS22". His prominence as an artist soared as he stood out as a distinguished sculptor at the Kwanda Sculpture Exhibition, with his work gracing the 73rd FIFA Congress in 2023.

In his most recent endeavor, Nizeyimana embarked on the "Ingoma 100" project, a dedicated exploration of the life cycle of trees and its profound connection to his artistic practice. This project's primary mission is to advocate for the protection and sustainability of trees in Rwanda, with the ambitious goal of planting at least 30,000 trees in each phase. For a sculptor like Claude, trees are an invaluable resource, and through this endeavor, he not only preserves his craft but also nurtures the environment, making a meaningful impact.